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Pocket High Street

2014 in London, GB

E-Man helped Alex to digitise and save the high street.

Founder Alex Schlagman, collaborated with us to create Pocket High Street and associated businesses Jo and Save The High Street. He is a serial entrepreneur, on a mission to level the playing field for local businesses with the help of technology. Before founding Colex Connect Ltd, he co-founded a location-based online marketplace and a digital agency for SMEs.

Pocket High Street

'The company are product development specialists and now as they expand into a venture studio model, I expect even greater results. When we partnered with E-Man we had nothing - no product, let alone product-market fit. The company partnered with us to take us to where we are today'.

Alex Schlagman - Founder and CEO

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Pocket High Street

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Pocket High Street

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Pocket High Street
April 13, 2020

COVID-19 response

Save The High Street has launched its support programme for independent high street businesses. Together, we will develop and implement a personalised plan to weather the Coronavirus storm while setting you up for success on the high street, now and for the future. From making money to saving money. Offering local delivery to hosting virtual events. New forms of community engagement to all forms of digital marketing. Negotiating with your landlord to negotiating with your suppliers. Setting up an e-commerce site to optimising e-commerce sales. Applying for grants to applyi...
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