Life's for the taking!

Life is for the taking

The Snatch story begins in 2015. Forensic Scientist Joe Martin approached Eugene Kouumdjieff at E-Man labs, with an idea for an innovative new AR location based gaming platform.

After discussing and brainstorming the concept over a 6 month period, Eugene then committed E-Man to a micro-seed investment into the concept, with a follow on commitment to turning the prototyped idea, into a real-life product. The work began and E-Man conceived what eventually became known as ‘Snatch’. Velocity joined the company along with Jamal Hirani who was made Co-Founder. Velocity and E-Man provided the investment to build Snatch MVP, comprising the full dev stack, iOS and Android apps. All work has been completed inside of E-Man labs, alongside Joe and Jamal.

Eugene, Joe and Jamal debuted Snatch innovative technology at Web Summit in Lisbon, in October 2016 .

The company then launched officially out of BETA in the UK in February 2017, following a strategic investment from UniLever’s Venture Capital arm.

Matt Hagger of E-Man Labs Inc, will join Joe Martin and represent Snatch at SXSW Interactive ’17, as the company trial launches the tech in the USA with major brands, for the very first time.

As of today, the technology is growing inside E-Man labs, as we work towards migration of the stack.

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