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Founded in Cambridgeshire, England, by Matt Hagger, he partnered with Eugene Kouumdjieff, to turn technology ideas into products and then into companies.


E-Man have since opened up offices in Sofia, London, San Francisco and Las Vegas. And we're hiring!

At E-Man, we are entrepreneurs at heart, who remain passionate about solving problems for ourselves and collaborating with founders who posses the vision to bring a big idea to life.  We specialize in product strategy, system architecture and user experience.
Our vision is to build a global collective of talent that breaks cultural barriers, leading to greater scale for our portfolio companies.  We possess a deep passion for socializing traditional sectors and breaking down cultural and social barriers.  London and San Francisco companies can learn a great deal from each other and it is our desire to facilitate the conversation and ignite the growth. We believe that entrepreneurs are the key to breaking the deep cultural blockers that so often restricts growth.
To follow our expansion into Sofia, Las Vegas and San Francisco, our mission is to open offices in Los Angeles and New York and Miami within the next 12 months.
How it all began...
Matt and Eugene developed the first ever business directory for the City of Cambridge, during Matt's summer holidays; introducing the web to 250 local businesses and giving Cambridge a web presence. The company was acquired a year later.
E-Man was then formed as a lab to prototype ideas into products into companies.
Matt and Eugene began hiring their first employees and immediately started to work on solving a bigger problem; helping publishers communicate breaking news, pushed to websites in real-time via desk-top and sms alerts. The idea (Net Sorcerer) was granted an innovation award from Cambridge University science-park and St Johns Innovation centre. Matt and Eugene raised 6 figures of investment. Matt was just 21 years old. E-Man's patented algorithm, pioneered the concept of real-time news alters to the desktop and mobile (sms), enabling news publishers to keep millions of consumers up to date with relevant, timely information. Before an era of web2.0 Twitter, blogging and RSS feeds, Net Sorcerer technology provided the algorithm for communications strategies across the UK, deployed by media corps such as Rupert Murdoch's BSKYB.
8 years on and E-Man lab's can look back on a rich history of collaborating to launch many disruptive ideas with entrepreneurs at the earliest stage of their life. Ideas which later blossomed into wonderful companies.  From launching ideas of our own within the lab to ploting the technology roadmap of some the world's largest brands E-Man are ready for technologies biggest challenges!
Supporting entrepreneurship and technology in London for over a decade..
Our contribution to fuelling technology enterpreneurship in the UK, is significant.  In 2004, we made a pivotal decision to go against locating in London's Soho, with other top media agencies and start ups. Instead E-Man labs decided to based ourselves at 91 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, East London. Our mission to try and contribute towards building a more affordable tech ecosystem in a more accesible part of the City.  No sooner had we moved in, founders began reaching out to us with business ideas and presentation decks. Fast track 10 years and to see the growth and emeregence of Tech City London does bring enormous pleasure, as E-Man can look back to our roots and how we played a part in attemping to establish this cluster, at the very beginning.  
Since 2004, E-Man have worked tirelessly, to support some of the most promising and ambitious entrepreneurs in the UK.  These enterpreneurs have gone onto scale some of the most impressive and fastest growing companies in Europe.  E-Man remain proud to have started the journey with these founders, discussing their business ideas and product strategy over a cup of coffee and a notepad.
The next chapter..
In 2008 Matt Hagger took a trip out to San Francisco and never looked back.  San Francisco is the hottest place on place earth for technology start ups and the culture is both inspiring and infectious.  E-Man have expanded to offer our product development expertize to some of the most ambitious enterpreneurs and corporations in the world.  We are also here to respond to the need of UK founders wishing to fast-track the growth of their company, through the insights and support we can offer them.
We respect the work of Tech City and the UK's public sector and believe that as a company who are headquartered in London and who have moved to California, incorporated, raised financing and managed immigration, legal and taxation issues, we have a throrough understanding of what it takes for a UK company to expand to Silicon Valley. 
The E-Man culture is based on teamwork, helping your co-workers to grow, knowledge transfer, continuous improvement and lots of smiles!

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