About Us

Welcome to E.Man

ideas -> into products -> into companies

all the way from London to Los Angeles

Our Mission:

To continue to build extraordinary technology products, for ourselves, in collaboration with world class entrepreneurs and via the infection of our entrepreneurial DNA into large corporate institutions.

Who are we?

We are passionate about entrepreneurship in London and remain focused on connecting the brightest young founders of our generation with inspiration, learnings and access to Silicon Valley.

We are an ideas and development lab and start up incubator, offering full stack engineering solutions. We consist of strategic conceptualists, creative designers, product managers and user experience experts with a full stack engineering team.

Full stack means that we can build the entire product for you, from:

1. The server network and hosting environment

2. Data modelling

3. Business logic

4. Api layer / Action layer / MVC

5 User Interface

6. User experience

The results of our work create extraordinary mobile, browser and wearable technology products. Founded in London by enterpreneurs for entrepreneurs, we have recently expanded to San Francisco and Las Vegas and will be expanding further to Los Angeles and Miami in 2015.

We are an official incubator and accelerator partner of Rackspace.


How do we work?

We have designed a proprietary process that is easily understandable and guarantees results. We possess the team and skills to take any idea and turn it into a product and then into a revenue generating company.

The E-Man process:

1. Conceive

2. Create

3. Build

4. Launch


Who do we work with?

We start things from the beginning. If all you have is a PPT deck or better still, a notepad with a few scribbles, then we’re definitely the team to talk to.

Besides building and breaking our own stuff we also like to collaborate with and invest in others.

You are:

1. A Founder / Entrepreneur with a world class vision, wishing to attack global markets and generally make a dent in the Universe.

2. A large brand or corporation wishing to build an extraordinary product that will make a significant impact on your roadmap, process, company culture and market positioning.

How we like to be paid:

1. Cash (of course)

2. Stocks (should we like you)

3. Bitcoins (obviously)

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